Thruxton 1200 accessories up to measure

Any company worth its salt is like a boat: not only a competent captain is necessary, but the course has to be clear from the beginning. In Tamarit we were sure about one thing: we were not mechanics, but we loved bikes. We did not want to specialize in an area which locked our products within a circle of specialists, but bring the bikes to worldwide roads, and break into the living room of any passionate about Modern Classic bikes, just as we are. It was this way that we achieved the belief guiding us today in every step we take: our obsession is to sublimate in our bikes and parts the perfect mixing between ergonomics, functionality and aesthetic. We manufacture accessories designed for each bike and even customized for the client, as ii happens with the side covers and other fairings. But there were a thing that could not be overlooked, considering our foundational principle: all the parts had to be practically self-installable, and should be assembled with no background in mechanics, just a few tool set. So the Plug&Play philosophy arose, then applied to every product in our catalog: all of them use the same anchor points of the factory models, and can be easily installed, except for those involving additional electronic adjustments.

Warranty of Tamarit parts for Thruxton 1200

Besides the attention we give to the design of our exclusive parts, in Tamarit we are well aware that manufacturing parts for Triumph engines calls for the maximum rigor. That is why we work side-by-side with top-tier international and local suppliers. However, our commitment goes further: we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products made of steel, and two years of damage coverage at cost price for the rest of the products in stock.