Triumph Speed Twin

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Are you ready? Experience high performance on two wheels, take control of a Triumph Speed Twin, the bike that surpasses itself by occupying the top spots in the neoclassical motorcycling range. Taking performance, style and comfort to the top of their capabilities, these bikes have become legendary creations in this niche.

History of Speed Twin

Evolution in all its aspects

The first Triumph Speed Twin was designed by none other than motorcycle engineer and designer Edward Turner. Launched in September 1937 and produced in large quantities, this motorcycle with 500 cc engine was the inspiration for all models with twin-cylinder engines of the company Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd. until 1983.

These first Speed Twin were Triumph's first attempt to incorporate a rear suspension, in addition to having its own damping system. His ambitious spirit led him to want to meet the American demand for motorcycles adapted to long-distance racing, for which Turner built a 650cc version of the Speed Twin design, baptized under the name “Thunderbird”.

Whatever their performance, the Speed Twin is, from the very beginning until today, a unique piece of equipment that gives you the opportunity to ride an exclusive motorcycle. Their above-average rating is justified by their powerful sporty performance, enviable comfort and attractive details that give life to a small but mighty motorcycle.

Triumph history

triumph speed twin
triumph speed twin

Speed Twin: characteristics

Small, but mighty

It is said that good things come in small packages, and the Speed Twin can attest to that. With dimensions of 760 mm wide, 1110 mm high and a declared weight of 196 kg, these bikes ensure agility and speed on the track.

With more horsepower than any other due to its powerful 4-stroke engine, usual of motorcycles in this range, and the 1200 cc twin-cylinder that delivers a maximum power output of 97 hp at 6,750 rpm water-cooled, this bike will make the adrenaline rush pumping through your veins.

Speed Twin Range

Legendary creations

Ensuring a fast ride, while safe and comfortable, the Triumph Speed Twin is equipped with a 41 mm diameter Kayaba telescopic fork on the front suspension, while at the rear we have a double hydraulic shock absorber with 120 mm of travel. As for their disc brakes, they are equipped with Brembo brakes at the front and Nissin brakes at the rear, of 305 mm diameter and 220 mm diameter, respectively.

For carefree riding as many kilometers as you want, the Speed Twin offers an unrivaled range with a 14-liter fuel tank and an average fuel consumption of around 5 liters per 100 km.

triumph speed twin

Speed Twin technology

Safety and enjoyment

Its cutting-edge pilot-oriented technology for safety and enjoyment is sensibly combined in the minimalist lines of the Speed Twin. This bike is incredibly easy to handle and balanced, an exciting feeling on wheels for knowledgeable riders, and inspires confidence and security for novice riders.

What's more, its high level of performance does not deprive it of its commitment to the environment. Its new engine is fully compliant with the Euro5 emissions standard and makes this version the least polluting ever produced.

Speed Twin for companions

Grab the handlebars of a unique piece

If the Speed Twin motorcycles seem like a good candidate, you will be interested to know that they are being manufactured since 2019 and imported by Triumph Spain to our country. In addition, to drive it you will need the type A license and you can share the experience with a companion, as this is allowed by homologation.

Riding a Speed Twin is to be at the controls of a legendary piece whose evolution has resulted in a masterpiece of high performance, technology, comfort, distinguished style and cutting-edge capabilities. Are you still thinking about it?

triumph speed twin

Styles for a Speed Twin

Roll as you like

No matter what your style is, the Speed Twin adapts to the most demanding tastes. If, on the one hand, you are looking for a classic style for your idea of motorcycle, the Cafe Racer is predestined to embellish this bike, because of its undoubtedly neoclassical condition.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a great choice for medium-distance trips and, above all, quick city commuting, a Brat Style would exceed all your expectations. That's why this bike can also be given a comfortable urban character with lowered exhausts and more comfortable handlebars.


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