First steps

Initial ideas and meetings

In the process of bringing your dream bike to life, the first steps are essential and begin with key meetings. Here, the future owner of a Tamarit motorcycle meets with the creative team to discuss their needs, aspirations, and visions. Through dynamic video calls, the client and the design team explore every detail, from style and functionality to the most personal nuances. In these meetings, ideas take shape and possible solutions are presented as the first step of this unique experience.

Approach to your project

Sketch and presentation of ideas

By completing our quote form and following some initial phone or video conversations, an exclusive creative process starts just for you. Our team echoes your preferences and needs, breathing life into the initial concepts for your motorcycle. These ideas are transformed into digital sketches, representing an advanced preview of your future two-wheeled gem. This process is carried out to ensure that every detail, every curve, is in perfect harmony with the project.

The legal part

Contract and regulations

A contract that protects both parties and compliance with the regulations of the country where the motorcycle will be used is the foundation of the legal aspect involved in the Tamarit Motorcycles experience. It's a process on which both the design and manufacturing aspects depend.

The Project

Manufacturing your tamarit

This is the phase that shapes everything planned and perhaps the one that takes the longest. The manufacturing of Tamarit motorcycles involves not only the mechanical part but also customer service because, throughout this process, a series of biweekly alerts are activated to update the bike's status to the customer. It is a dynamic project in which changes can occur during the process, which directly impacts delivery times.

Around the World


With a global focus, at Tamarit Motorcycles, we take care of offering shipments of our exclusive motorcycles to customers all around the world. Our attention goes beyond the manufacturing of the motorcycles, encompassing shipping logistics to ensure the safe delivery of the bikes. In this section, you can learn more about delivery times and the convenience of receiving your motorcycle right at your doorstep, providing a complete end-to-end experience.


After-Sales Service and Warranty

Our commitment does not end the moment we deliver one of our motorcycles. We offer a post-sales service that endures over time. We will always be on the other side, available to address any questions or needs you may have. Our warranty is a testament to the confidence we have in our motorcycles, supported by a team of experts. Additionally, each motorcycle comes with detailed user manuals so you can fully enjoy your Tamarit experience. We are here to take care of you at every stage.