Donor bike selection

The proper selection of the donor bike is crucial for design, chassis height, the number of horsepower, and more. The sensations conveyed by a carbureted motorcycle, practically a historical bike, are entirely different from what a brand-new, technologically advanced motorcycle can offer.

To purchase these donor bikes, we have many dealers from whom we acquire the motorcycles. After procuring dozens of bikes, we collaborate with partners who assist us in identifying market opportunities in both European and North American territories.

Types of motorcycles we work with

We exclusively work with neoclassical Triumph engines, which means we use the Thruxton, Bonneville, Scrambler, Street Twin, Speed Twin, and Bobber engines. Despite these motorcycles having different names, they all share the same Bonneville engine. The differences between them lie in weight, component lists, and architecture.

Carburation, injection and new generation

The passage of time and its characteristics

Within the Bonneville engines there are 3 types, the old generation 900 cc engines with air cooling (carburation), also 900 cc engines with liquid cooling (injection) and finally the current 1200cc engines full of innovations (injection). This is where any Tamarit project begins, at the engine. This is the first decision to be made, according to the needs of the bike to be created.

For romantics

900cc carburetion engines

The 900cc carburetion engines are the most requested by those romantics who want to feel the purr of the engine and listen to its characteristic sound. They are also the most wanted by those who are looking for a collector's item or even an investment for the future. Motorcycles that you will want to place in your living room, examples of this are motorcycles such as Jade or Circe.

Cold weather and altitude

900cc injection engines

Meanwhile, 900cc injection engines are the ones chosen for those projects that ride on roads with cold weather, characteristic of places with high altitude. By classification, they are in the middle between the carbureted engines and the new generation engines, being quite similar to the first ones with a false carburetor.

Updated ride

New generation 1200cc engines

Finally, the new generation 1200cc engines are perfect for daily use and meet the current Euro4 and Euro5 standards. An engine designed for those who are looking for an updated and perfect ride.

Who you are, what you like to feel, what you are going to use the bike for, or what is the best choice.

Purchasing the motorcycle on our part

The advantage of purchasing the motorcycle on our part is that we know what we are buying. You don't have to worry about anything, and we take care of transferring the motorcycle to your name. This aspect is always easier for both parties. Our buyers have a checklist of over 100 points that are inspected on the motorcycle before the purchase. This not only provides security but also includes a full year of warranty to cover anything that may happen to the motorcycle."

I have a donor motorcycle

If you already have a donor motorcycle, we can pick it up from anywhere in the world using our transport options: by air, sea, or land. This simplifies the acquisition of the motorcycle. The only inconvenience of this process is that we will need to inspect the motorcycle together, and the warranty will only cover the parts that are modified by Tamarit.