Tamarit Contract

Our contract protects both parties and is open to changes and negotiations with the customer. In fact, our level of customization is so high that we have a legal team that drafts a contract with the key premises of the project to address any eventualities by both parties in the best possible way. We do not standardize anything, as that would mean losing the company's DNA.

The contract will be sent in draft form for your review and will be signed by both parties afterward.

Payment Methods

After formalizing your project with the contract's signature, the payment process is divided into two parts. First, a payment of 50% of the transformation cost, plus the acquisition cost of the donor motorcycle (if we purchase it for you), is made. This initial payment allows us to start bringing the project to life.

The second payment of the remaining 50% of the transformation cost will take place once the project is completed, and we send you photos and a video of the final test. After the second payment is made, the motorcycle leaves our facilities for its new home.

Traffic Regulations


The United States stands out as a favorable country for modified motorcycles, as its regulations are quite basic when it comes to restrictions, allowing for great freedom in motorcycle design intended for use in this territory. This regulatory flexibility enables customization according to the owner's preferences and styles, resulting in an impressive variety of unique designs.

While basic safety and emissions regulations must be adhered to, the extensive creative freedom makes the United States the best country for enthusiasts of modified motorcycles.


The traffic regulations in each country vary, which is why homologation is a complex procedure in the rest of the European countries. At Tamarit, we are well-versed in Spanish regulations, the most stringent in the world, but we are not familiar with the regulations of each EU country.

However, we are knowledgeable about some countries to which we have already shipped motorcycles, such as France, Germany, or the United Kingdom.