Tamarit's day to day life


Tamarit's stories delve into all those processes that we find difficult to explain when we talk about motorcycles. Here you will learn a little more about what goes on inside our facilities.

In-house painting and design

Everything is at home

One of the strongest added values that our motorcycles have is that all processes are developed in the same workshop and each one is performed by an expert professional.


The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information. 

Why a Gullwing?

History of Gullwing

This is the story of how these limited edition Cafe Racer motorcycles were born in Tamarit, motorcycles inspired by the Mercedes 300 SL that are already the subject of gossip.

All that glitters is not gold


This process differentiates us and stands out as a premium motorcycle brand.


The kick-off

After the success of Jade, Circe arrives, the next jewel of Tamarit. Learn about the history of Jade and its impact on future motorcycles.

Manufactured by specialists

Unique parts never produced before

In this story we tell you how, in every project we work on, we face new challenges.

We don't forget about you

Tamarit's warranty

The warranty that only a motorcycle brand can offer you.

An engine's history

Tamarit's heart

This is probably one of the most important stories for Tamarit, because it is the origin of everything.

Our added value

Specialization, specialists and specialized

If there is one thing that has made us a world leader in motorcycle transformation, it has been our strong specialization in neoclassic Triumph engines.