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Tamarit Warranty

Breathe easy. Tamarit motorcycles offer a warranty so that you can forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle. The warranty that only a motorcycle brand can offer you.

When we sign a contract to close a deal with a motorcycle, we include our warranty. Depending on the case, there are different types of warranty.

Case 1

Tamarit picks up your bike

If the bike is owned by the customer, we give a one year warranty on all parts quoted, we do not check the engine. Tamarit understands that the bike belongs to the customer, and that the operation is correct.

It has happened to us that while checking a motorcycle, we have found things to fix, these have been added to the agreed quote. Before doing anything, we consult you.

Case 2

Tamarit buys the bike for you

In the case that we buy the bike for the customer, we check it completely and give a one year warranty for any damage, once the bike is already transformed.

In cases from outside Spain, we normally negotiate with workshops in the area to check the damage and we take care of all the costs within this period of one year.

Case 3

Extended warranty

Tamarit Motorcycles, in recent years, has made great strides to present itself as a motorcycle brand. Therefore, we give two years of warranty on the most special projects. You don't have to worry about anything, adding one more line to your quote, with a percentage cost.


We don't forget about you

For many of our customers in Spain, we pick up their motorcycles from time to time for technical inspections, oil changes and periodic revisions. This is a possibility that we offer to our customers so that they don't have to worry about anything.

*In relation to this after-sales, we will soon launch Tamarit Care, an annual service in which we completely overhaul your bike and deliver it back to you as the first day. This will have an annual subscription cost plus shipping.

Tamarit's heart

The motorcycle engine, the origin of everything and our sign of identity.

Unique parts never produced before

We invest hundreds of hours to create something totally new.

A true jewel

Jade, a success story that has been covered by the press around the world.

Tamarit warranty

Forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle.

Specialization, specialists and specialized

Our added value, the world's largest specialist in Triumph engines.

Shipping to the UK

Tamarit bike in the UK, all about transport and regulations after Brexit.


This process differentiates us and stands out as a premium motorcycle brand.

The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information.