The 100th

A motorcycle jewel

Named Jade, the 100th motorcycle has become a true jewel among the Tamarit creations. A case of success that has been echoed by the press halfway around the world. Undoubtedly, our most talked-about motorcycle.

A motorcycle auction

Artcurial, París

In one of the events organized by Tamarit, when Matías had the good fortune to meet Gerard, the Spanish representative of the Parisian auction house, Artcurial. As soon as he knew a little more about us, he soon proposed the idea of auctioning one of our bikes, since for many, our bikes are considered collector's items.

The perfect place

Ready for auction

It was at that moment when Quique, the project manager, found the perfect place for the top bike he had in mind to design: Jade. Just by looking at it you realize that it is not a bike for all tastes, that's why it was so necessary to find the right place to make it known. Designed and created with attention to the smallest detail, Jade is made up of little jewels that make it a real treasure.

triumph thruxton 900 cafe racer jade

High-quality components

More than 600 hours of manual labor

An engineering project where the components that are part of the bike have been designed one by one. It has been designed from the chassis of the bike that ends in a monoshock, to the base on which the seat rests.

A process of technical design, handcraft and more than 600 hours of manual labor.

Rétromobile Salon 2022, Paris

The day arrived

Saturday, March 19, 2022, Paris Rétromobile Salon, a tangle of nerves in the stomach of the entire Tamarit team due to the uncertainty of knowing what would happen to the bike to which so much work and affection had been devoted.

Jade was shown on an imposing stage and, at her side, three auctioneers presided over and directed the meeting. In a matter of seconds the numbers went up and up, until a few minutes later, the highest bidder got her for a value of 52.448€ plus taxes.

Euphoria, joy and satisfaction in equal parts was what we felt when we heard "Adjugée !" with the hammer blow. Such was the reception and repercussion of the Jade auction that, without a doubt, it is an experience we are looking forward to repeating.

A cover motorcycle

Echoing in the media

Many national and international media, both printed and digital, have talked about us and, in particular, about our jewel. Jade has managed to conquer the hearts of everyone who sees it:

“Es probable que su primera mirada sobre Jade se centre en la cúpula, que es de metacrilato, y su elegante quilla, ambas diseñadas en exclusiva.“

“Though certainly not a superbike by modern standards the Triumph Thruxton offered vintage-style thrills and good looks with modern reliability.”

"This Spanish Jade Triumph could be the ultimate custom cafe racer"

“La construcción de esta máquina requirió de 640 horas de trabajo; todas las piezas principales fueron hechas a medida y hasta se renovó completamente el motor Triumph.”

"Una bellissima special del customizer di Alicante sulla base della sport retrò Triumph. Centesima realizzazione, è piena di pezzi unici e va all'asta a breve..."

"La empresa española Tamarit se ha convertido en el mayor preparador de motos Triumph del mundo. Su última joya se llama Jade."

"Tamarit Motorcycles reached the 100th motorcycle built milestone with the creation of a true collector's item, which will be auctioned in Paris."

“Turning motorcycle customization into a sustainable business is tough, but it’s not impossible...”

“La alta precisión matemática, en cuanto a las técnicas empleadas, la hacen similar a la perfección de un reloj, donde el motor marca los tiempos.”

Miles de detalles han sido tenidos en cuenta para la construcción de la moto, como el mecanizado de latón de los tornillos, los emblemas o los terminales de los radios, que acompañan al resto de componentes, aportando mayor perfección.

"Tamarit acaba de alcanzar el hito de las 100 motos construidas y lo hace con el desarrollo de una moto hecha íntegramente de forma artesanal"

"Tamarit Jade: A jóia da coroa!"

"A Tamarit Jade é uma verdadeira joia de duas rodas. Mais de 600 horas de trabalho resultaram numa café racer única."

"De Triumph queda la tecnología mecánica, pero el arte de su estética procede de la empresa española Tamarit."

"La moto 100 de Tamarit Motorcycles será subastada en París"

Once again, we thank these media for taking the time to write about our story. We are honored that other motor professionals recognize our work and find it inspiring. Without a doubt, it inspires us the most. 

New market

The kick-off

Jade has become a milestone in our history and has been the kick-off to a new market that is giving such a good welcome to our motorcycles. We can't wait for Circe, our new jewel bike, to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga of jewel bikes.

Tamarit's heart

The motorcycle engine, the origin of everything and our sign of identity.

Unique parts never produced before

We invest hundreds of hours to create something totally new.

A true jewel

Jade, a success story that has been covered by the press around the world.

Tamarit warranty

Forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle.

Specialization, specialists and specialized

Our added value, the world's largest specialist in Triumph engines.

Shipping to the UK

Tamarit bike in the UK, all about transport and regulations after Brexit.


This process differentiates us and stands out as a premium motorcycle brand.

The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information.