Triumph Thruxton 900 Accessories

Tamarit Motorcycles founders were not mechanical engineers at all, but they believed in an audience fond of things with a soul. As a result, one of the key values of the brand is that all the Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories we offer fit in our plug-and-play philosophy, which means that they have been designed for the bike and, in most cases, can be installed with basic mechanical skills and a set of basic tools.

Manufacture of Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories

Even if we devotedly care about our designs, we are truly aware that we work with items to be exposed to all kinds of situations, as well as the test of time. That is the reason why first-class engineers are always involved in our work. Their goal is that our Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories become not just astonishing parts to be admired all around, but functional and secure on the road, with the optimal performance expected in a bike manufacturer using Triumph engines.

These Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories, produced by Tamarit experts, are offered in a catalog in which the client can choose between several fittings and colors, but also customize some of them, such as the side covers.

Custom Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories

The materials of the plug-and-play Tamarit Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories are carefully tested and selected, whether stylized parts are made of fiberglass or rugged steel accessories for the most critical and demanding parts.

In general, these Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories are specially designed for this family of bikes, and have a design designed to stand out significantly from the standard Thruxton parts. In such a way that, with a more radical design, has the role of contributing an exclusive and specific esthetic, instead of just changing a part by another.

It has been always thought in Tamarit Motorcycles that experience is what points out you as the best in a certain activity, and that is the reason why the Tamarit fiberglass partner has a wide experience in the sector. In the same way, within the Tamarit network are renowned businesses in metallurgic, upholstery, electronic and engine spares areas. At the end of the day, specialization is the key to being the best at what you do.

Considering the plug-and-play condition of these Triumph Thruxton 900 accessories, you will be able to install most of them without the help of the workshop, just with a basic toolset or using your own hands, with slight pressure.

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