About the Triumph bar end mirrors

There are many reasons to get a brand new pair of Triumph bar end mirrors, comfortability, style, a simple replacement. The truth is that the mirrors are one of the most common changes made on the motorcycle. The British brand has a wide range of motorcycle models of all styles and for every road: classics, off-road, urban, Scrambler, Bonneville, Thruxton, and many more. We have the perfect Triumph bar end mirrors for every single one of them. To see the different motorcycles that have these mirrors, browse the finished customization projects we have made and get inspiration to upgrade your own mirrors.

Feature of the Triumph handlebar mirrors

As we mentioned above, there are several reasons for wanting to upgrade the mirrors: looking for a better style than the stock mirrors can offer, a more comfortable driving experience, a wider point of view, etc. The mirrors are made with the best materials and are painted in an elegant black, the design goes with a round and a comfortable size. The mirrors are universal, which means they are compatible with all motorcycle models, provided the handlebar is 22 or 25 wide. The mirrors come with clamps which make the installation process very simple, with only a screwdriver and in a few minutes the mirrors will be installed, and the motorcycle ready to go. Go to the page of the mirrors for a more detailed description of the product and the installation process, there you will also find a form to ask our team any question you may have. Acquiring a high-quality motorcycle part is even more important when talking about an element created with the sole purpose of safety. The mirrors are one of those elements, so besides searching for style, also look for size, stability, and the materials.


We know that when you buy online you want your order to arrive as fast as possible. All of our delivery times are different, there are some products that are delivered in 72 hours to any part of the world, and there are other products that require a special paint work or another type of personalization process, in this case the delivery take a maximum of 15 days. In the case of the Triumph handlebar mirrors, the delivery process should be one of the fast ones. Contact our team or go to FAQ if you have any question about the shipping process or the mirrors, we are happy to help!