Asiento Mugello - Black
Asiento Mugello - Black
Asiento Mugello - Black
Asiento Mugello - Black

Asiento Mugello

Reference: TMRT495

Do you have a Speed Twin? You are in the right place and in the right product. The Mugello seat has been designed exclusively to fit these bikes in their liquid-cooled version.


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Are the seats comfortable?

The injection of the foam is our great secret, as if it were a haute cuisine recipe. Not too hard, not too soft. Perfect and comfortable.

The great work behind this piece.

After selling more than 1500 seats all over the world, this product that you see today has been improved over time. And to be totally clear with you, we are going to tell you how to make what you get at home.

With the seat base, we put a black rubber so you don't get cut and we inject them to get the foam. This foam is sent to an expert who makes the upholstery of your seat by hand.

In this step, we already have about 3 different hands and comes the critical part, the anchors, bolted and quality control. We have rebuilt all the chassis with which we work, to test each of the seats we make before packaging and shipping.

If you appreciate this work "Made in Spain", add this product to your cart. If you don't value it, no problem, you can always go and look for another plastic seat.

Difficulty: easy.

This Tamarit product is placed in the same anchor points as the standard one.

The great majority of the pieces of our catalog can be placed with two tools from home. We know that you like to wait for the weekend to spend a few hours working on your bike in the garage.

How to install this seat? Ignition key system.

On the side of the clutch, you will see that there is a lock just under the seat, by inserting the same ignition key you can operate the seat latch. To remove the seat from home, just turn the key and remove the seat. To place your new Tamarit seat, you should always do it first from the front (tank) and put it completely forward so that it is well hooked, then place it completely. Sometimes you have to turn the key at the same time.

Our seats use the same installation system as the seats at home, a front flange and a rear platen.

What material are the seats upholstered in?

We do not make leather seats, as leather breaks down in bad weather. Instead, we use a nautical material that is resistant to weather conditions.

Seats for two people.

If you are interested in being always well accompanied on your bike, this is your seat.

Infinitely better than the seat you have and available in 4 colors.

Tamarit Motorcycles Warranty.

Tamarit parts have a one-year warranty and on those parts made of metal, the warranty is extended for life (except for the exhausts, which is one year).

I want a group of parts.

If you are adding several parts for a makeover on your bike and you want to have the feeling of a brand new one, you can contact us and we will help you to design that perfect parts list. You can choose from the ones you see on our website or others that we have on hundreds of supplier sites.

Shipping method.

Tamarit Motorcycles sends its packages worldwide via an international shipping company. This way, the delivery times usually vary between a few hours or even weeks in the most remote areas, depending on the part of the world you are in.

Once the order is manufactured and ready to go, the common estimated time changes according to the area, as mentioned:

-Spain and peninsular deliveries: Before 72 hours.

-Canary Islands: 3/5 working days.

-European Union: 3/5 working days.

-United States and Canada: 3/7 working days.

-Australia and Japan: 5/15 working days.

-Latin America: 10/15 working days.

-Rest of the world: 10/30 working days.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the products are not in stock: i.e. they have to be produced once the client places the order, or the manufacturer may be asked to provide it in case of imported articles. The manufacturing time for painted and customized Tamarit branded parts (for example, seats, side covers, exhausts) can reach up to 21 days. On the contrary, we are unable to control the time taken by the several manufacturers we work with in delivering the products to us. In case we have this product in stock at our warehouse, it will be sent in the following 24 hours.

Return policy at Tamarit Motorcycles.

Our return policy is 15 days from receipt of the item. If it is our fault, we will replace the item as soon as possible or we will make a full refund. Sometimes we make mistakes, behind this website there are humans.

If you have regretted and do not want the product after 15 days, you must return the item to us and we will return you a check to spend on our parts website or in our clothing store.

We do not refund money for products that are not Tamarit brand.

Personalized and painted products for you, no refunds are allowed.

Doubts with this product?

An expert will contact you in between 48 hs.