Tamarit Triumph Thruxton seat

The Triumph Thruxton seat is made for one of the most imposing models of the modern classics to date. With a great history in the British brand history, this motorcycle has always had a clear cafe racer style. It is always a win to follow this line, but going out of the norm also gives amazing results.

This model has served as the base for several of our customization projects, we have been able to get familiarized with its specs and get inspiration from the vision of our clients to create the seat that best fits this model.

Features of the Triumph Thruxton custom seat

The seat is one of the parts that can make all the difference in a long ride. If you are looking for a Thruxton solo seat or a Thruxton dual seat some things to take into account are the materials, the installation process, the shipping, and the different styles.

Our seat is made of fiberglass, painted using a great variety of colors, including the original RAL colors used by the British brand. The upholstery is made with waterproof nautical fabric that can also be personalized in four different colors: black, brown, red, and camel. Right now, black is the most popular color, simple and elegant.

The seat is designed specifically for this model so there is no need to make a drastic modification of the rear end of the motorcycle, this makes the installation process a very simple one. With a couple basic tools and in a few minutes, you can replace the old seat for the new one.

About the Triumph Thruxton aftermarket seat

The design of the seat intends to eliminate all unnecessary accessories to make a simple, light, and functional seat. The construction process makes sure this happens caring for every detail, creating a seat that can be trusted under any condition and resistant to the passing of time.

On the page of every seat there is a more detailed description, a display of every color combination and a list of the projects that carry that seat. You can also browse our finished projects based on this model to get more inspiration.


We understand that when you place an order on a website you want it to arrive fast as possible and in the best conditions, our team works very hard every day to make that happen. Once the order is placed, the shipping process takes 72 hours. The Thruxton seats and any other product and part ordered are very well protected to withstand the whole trip.

Go to our FAQ or contact our team if you have any question about the shipping process or the seat.