Triumph Scrambler shocks

The Triumph Scrambler shocks we have available on our website are reliable and high-performance shocks, made by the renowned brands Ohlins and Hagon, using the latest technology and the best materials. The Swedish and British brands have a long history in the market, creating the best motorcycle parts, always innovating, and adding new features to improve their products. The scrambler is the off-road model of the modern classics, made to ride on any surface, a suspension upgrade can greatly improve the performance of this amazing motorcycle. 

Features of the Triumph Scrambler rear shocks: 

The Triumph Scrambler shocks are compatible with every Scrambler. They are made by the best professionals and using high quality materials for a better resistance and performance. If you are looking for a Triumph Scrambler suspension upgrade, they are very easy to install and can be adjusted to make the motorcycle higher or lower, depending on the riding preference. On the motorcycle section on the web you can find all the customization projects we have done using this product. On the description of each product there is a display where you can select your motorcycle model. There you will also find a more detailed description of the installation process, the tools needed and step by step instructions, and a form where you can ask our team any question about the product.


We are always searching for the best accessories for the modern classics, we find and deliver high-quality products all around the world. When the client wants the product to be personalized the shipping time can take 15 days from the moment the order is placed on the web. If there is no process involved, the delivery takes 72 hours. Our team prepares orders every day, making sure each one of them is safely packaged so it arrives to its destination without a scratch. Besides this, all our motorcycle parts have a two-year warranty, in case something goes wrong. If you have any question, contact our team.

How to contact our team

On the website you will find several forms you can fill out and ask any questions you have about our products to our team. If you have questions about the shipping process, the installation or the return policy you can go to the FAQ or to the contact section on the web, there you have several options to contact our team.