Tamarit Triumph Bonneville seats

The always elegant model of the British brand deserves equally elegant parts and accessories, the Triumph Bonneville seats are designed to enhance the style of the motorcycle, without forgetting comfort and durability.

The seats are inspired by every customization and upgrade project we have done so far in our shop. More than a simple replacement, the parts on our web give more character and style to the motorcycle.

The Bonneville custom seat

All Tamarit parts are handcrafted paying special attention to detail and with the best materials for each model. The design goes back to the basics, leaving out all unnecessary elements, to get the most comfortable and stylish seat.

Every seat is made with polyurethane, nautic material, fiberglass, foam and more of the best materials available in the market. In addition to these materials, in the description of each model is possible to personalize the colors of the seat.

Whether is the comfortable Triumph Bonneville solo seat or the stylish dual seat, a Bonneville Cafe Racer seat, Brat Style, Scrambler or Dirt Track, search on our website for the best combination of colors and material that fits all your needs and your style.

Triumph Bonneville aftermarket seats

All our seats, parts, and accessories are designed with the plug and play technology. This means that the seats can be installed without the assistance of a professional or someone with advanced mechanics knowledge.

The search for the best seat seems to be never endless due to all the different seat models available on the market. 

Features of the seat:

  • Designed to adapt to the different Bonneville models and styles

Browse the web to see all of our finished projects and the seats specifically designed for the Bonneville.

  • Plug and play

The best solution for an easy installation.

  • Customizable colors

Browse the description of every seat to discover the combination of material and colors available.

  • Made in Spain

We seek the best materials and craft available to create a seat that can be enjoyed in all parts of the word.


Online shopping is really easy when you know your order is going to arrive on time and in one piece. 

All our products, after you place the order on our web the parts and accessories are delivered in 72 hours. The Bonneville seat is completely secured to withstand the long trip from our store to its destination without unexpected damages, and with the plug and play technology you will have your seat installed in no time.  

If you have questions about our shipping policy or about our motorcycle parts go to FAQ or contact our team.

The right fit

The right seat can make all the difference in the journey, whether is a Triumph Bonneville short seat, a Triumph Bonneville touring seat or even the most classic Triumph Bonneville Leather seat, make sure is the right fit for you and your bike.