Tamarit Triumph Scrambler seats

This motorcycle has a clear style, but that does not mean that it cannot be customized to create a personal style, some parts and accessories, like the Triumph Scrambler seat, can make all the difference.

The off-road characteristic of this model does not leave aside the simplicity and elegance so distinctive of the British brand, but rather enhances its versatility.

Triumph Scrambler custom seat

Some of the characteristics of this seat are the different design options, the easy installation, and the top-notch materials. The seat is also handcrafted, allowing us to consider every detail to make an elegant and adaptable seat, comfortable on and off the road. 

The seat is made of fiberglass of the best quality, a cushion made of foam and coated with waterproof nautic fabric, which can be either black, red, brown, or camel depending on taste and style of every client. Recently black has become the star color among our clients.

The Triumph Scrambler custom seat is designed in a way that allows installation without the need to do any heavy modifications to the motorcycle, contact a mechanic or use heavy tools. Once the seat has arrived it is only a matter of replacing the old seat for the new one. In a few minutes, the motorcycle will be ready to go.

Triumph Scrambler aftermarket seat

Whether you are looking for a sober triumph scrambler solo seat or a more extravagant dual one, a completely off-road style or a more urban look, take into account that there is a wide variety of Triumph Scrambler seats on the market right now. Some things to consider while choosing a seat, besides the obvious personal preference and style, is the shipping time, the materials, and the installation process.

Browse our web to see a full description of every seat, the complete display of all the available color combinations and the customization projects where we have used these seats.


Our team understands that when you place an order you want it to arrive fast and in perfect conditions, we work very hard every day to make that happen. The shipping process takes 72 hours to arrive to any part of the world. The seat and any other product you order is well protected to withstand the trip.


We work hard every day to deliver our seats on time and without a scratch. Each of our seat has a two year warranty.

If something goes wrong with the delivery or you simply changed your mind about the seat, you have 30 days to either exchange or return the seat. If you have any questions about the seat, go to the more detailed description or the contact section, where you can choose the most comfortable way to contact us!