Tamarit Triumph Scrambler seat

This motorcycle has a clear style, but that does not mean that it cannot be customized to create a personal style, some parts and accessories, like the Triumph Scrambler seat, can make all the difference. The off-road characteristic of this model does not leave aside the simplicity and elegance so distinctive of the British brand, but rather enhances its versatility.

Triumph Scrambler custom seat

Some of the characteristics of this Triumph Scrambler seat are the different design options, the easy installation, and the top-notch materials. The seat is also handcrafted, allowing us to consider every detail to make an elegant and adaptable seat, comfortable on and off the road.

Triumph Scrambler aftermarket seat

Whether you are looking for a sober triumph scrambler solo seat or a more extravagant dual one, a completely off-road style or a more urban look, take into account that there is a wide variety of Triumph Scrambler seats on the market right now. Some things to consider while choosing a seat, besides the obvious personal preference and style, is the shipping time, the materials, and the installation process. Browse our web to see a full description of every seat, the complete display of all the available color combinations and the customization projects where we have used these Triumph Scrambler seats.

Triumph Scrambler seat options

The Triumph Scrambler seat is made of fiberglass of the best quality, a cushion made of foam and coated with waterproof nautic fabric, which can be either black, red, brown, or camel depending on taste and style of every client. Recently black has become the star color among our clients.

Triumph Scrambler seat install

The Triumph Scrambler bench seat is designed in a way that allows installation without the need to do any heavy modifications to the motorcycle, contact a mechanic or use heavy tools. Once the Triumph Scrambler seat has arrived it is only a matter of replacing the old seat for the new one. In a few minutes, the motorcycle will be ready to go.

Tamarit commitment on Scrambler seats

Our effort always goes in the direction of delivering pieces made one by one and with the highest quality materials, not only to achieve aesthetic finishes, but for its functionality and ergonomics to have the level of excellence expected of motorcycles of this brand. Today's Tamarit Motorcycles parts are developed by a team of experts working closely with engineers. to always give an optimal result in terms of quality and performance. Some of our pieces, made in our workshops and in collaboration with experts from the sector in different departments, we offer in a multitude of colors and finishes, some are even delivered personalized to the client's taste, as in the case of side covers or backs. At Tamarit we work hard day after day to listen and take care of our clients, who are the ones who give prominence to our pieces on roads around the globe. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on parts made of metal, and two years of cost-price damage coverage on all of our products.

What our clients say about us

Along these years, there are already many customers who have trusted us and repeat their purchases to continue with the customization of their motorcycles. This is due to the satisfaction of our customers when they receive their orders and to our assistance through the Help Center, available on the web, where our team answers all those possible doubts that may arise during the purchase.

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