Belharra Motorcycles

A brat style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Belharra’s story

Belharra is one of those projects that the process and conceiving is worthy to be told because all the anecdotes and people involved on it. Beyond the regular call of a guy who lives near and want to modify his Triumph by purchasing some parts and in the end he decides to begin a full project with us, the Belharra project was beginning to be forged even before the owner was aware of Tamarit Motorcycles existence.   

During a cold winter morning, a pair of french gentlemen showed up in our TMRT showroom. Without a heads up or calling of any kind, this guys decided to visit us since they were classic motorcycle enthusiasts and they were actually doing some tourism around the area ( February, what a season to visit Spain ). They were welcomed by many members of the staff and from the very beginning we noticed that there were no regular passers-by that come to buy a short or a hat. 

Only a few minutes after coffees were on the table and Quique dragged Jose Antonio to translate a cross talk in “frank-english” about Triumph mods, fuel tank casing moulds, builders, designs, carbon plates and other concepts from the classic motorcycle community. Both of them were experienced riders and shared our passion for the classic motorcycle collective, and above all, the Triumph bikes (actually, each of them had one). It was a pleasure and a truly oasis in the middle of a dull office morning, which ended up in a few boutique purchases and an special order: a Dirt Track seat made by Tamarit for the Triumph Scrambler of one of them, because he was in the middle of his motorcycle build. Once the contact was made, we farewell each other with “see you soon”, since both parts knew that eventually our paths would cross again in the future by means of a Triumph makeover project.

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A few months after, through one of our contacts working in motorcycle dealers that keep us informed about any bargain that would come up on Triumph Modern Classics we work with, we acquired a Triumph Bonneville very interesting for a project due its cost and because it was a Carb motorcycle, our favourite preference for a donor bike. The french guys name laid on the table and we thought about giving them a ring or a courtesy call just to say hello and to ask how the springtime went. We sent them a few ideas and sketches we made for the Bonneville and it really got them fascinated, so they contacted a third person, an associate of them that was looking for a bike for him by coincidence. They were that interested on the project that if this third person would decline the project, one of them would take it.

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Unfortunately for them, this third person, Alexandre, did get infatuated as well by the project charms and without any flinch he agreed to own the project. In just a matter of days, everything was arranged and ready to begin with the project.

Alexandre was well-advised and he checked thoroughly the Tamarit Motorcycle project catalog. His choice, as the other half of the planet was to get #31 BARRACUDA, which along #32 D FRANKLIN, is our most popular project, or at least the most requested in our project request forms. People who follow our blog and read these stories would know, Tamarit categorically rejects any chance of copying a motorcycle previously delivered to a client, so Alexandre could have something similar to Barracuda, yes, at least regarding the concept, but with obvious differences on the design, colour and some of the most important parts. Alexandre wanted something really fresh, with a coastline look to blend with his hometown, Marseille, where he would drive regularly. About the concept and driving, Alexandre firmly wanted a very comfy urban brat style motorcycle to ride, but at the same time it had to keep all the classic essence and have no complex at all.

The colour choice came through the most curious way, because during a stroll on Paris, Alexandre saw on a classic Aston Martin the definitive colour for his bike, a Mónaco Blue, which combined with a pure White ended up in a great choice because of their look afterwards. We felt very comfortable working with Alexandre, because of his proximity, simplicity and a great good sense for everything on wheels made in the middle of the last century. Classic cars collector, rally driver and motor enthusiast, it didn’t take long before he got along well with the TMRT Team. He even took the burden of making a blitz trip all down to Elche and back just to meet us in person, check how was the work in progress doing and to discuss a few details of the project personally.

One of the details that was definitely a tough nut to crack was the exhaust issue, Alexandre wasn’t sure about installing a 2 in 1 just like Barracuda, something more aggressive as Bocanegra or just installing a replacement for the stock double exhausts. Finally, Tamarit got its way and managed to release a new part of our catalogue by installing it on this project: The Little Bocanegra. The result left clearly satisfied both maker and client. As always, you may find this parts available on our website very soon!

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Another feature slightly risky was to keep and polished the engine covers chrome, despite nowadays everyone prefers Matt Black engine covers, our client wanted a casual and fresh motorcycle, and the shine that these covers provide is unparalleled. Another good call for the record.

The rest of the parts installed are easily recognisable by those who have been following us for some time: the Tramontana kit (our most popular part in our projects lately), the new design chain cover, the footrests, Guildford side covers, short front fender… etc

The Triumph bike project was finally named Belharra, a shore area between Basque Country and France where Alexandre fondly remembers his childhood surfing days and wanted to give it a tribute through the motorcycle of this dreams.One more project riding along France, and we truly hope that wouldn’t be the last in our beloved neighbour country.

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