triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

115 Moli

Urban versatility

The 115 project comes under the name of Moli, a Brat Style motorcycle that seeks a neat aesthetic but prioritizing a comfortable and modern driving. Who said you can't have it all?



The largest builder of Triumph motorcycles

Our added value is our specialization in Triumph neoclassic engines, this has made us the world's largest specialist in these engines. No one has created so many motorcycles with the same Bonneville engine, with more than 125 unique motorcycles presented on our website and about 50 that we have not presented.

Our main value is the specialization and know-how we have acquired with each project.

Engine and style

A comfortable ride

The engine of a current Bonneville T120 has been used as the basis of this project, a very versatile base that fits perfectly with the objective of making a comfortable bike within the Brat Style.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

Moli's painting

A design of contrasts

As for the aesthetics of the bike, we have chosen colors that make contrast between them, so that each one stands out on its own. A petrol blue on the tank is one of the main colors of this transformation.

On the other hand, the white color is also very present and stands out in places like the tank, side covers, engine badges, rear and front fenders. Finally, another color that stands out at first glance for its contrast with the rest, is the seat with brown upholstery.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

Tires and wheels

With electrostatic paint

Shimming this project, we find new Heidenau K60 tires that wear black rims that have been painted with electrostatic paint, a finish that completes the bike, not only improving its aesthetics but also its road performance.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli


Always looking for comfort

In the Moli project you can see a two-seater seat in brown color to enjoy in company of this comfortable classic motorcycle. Aesthetics is not incompatible with comfort and this seat proves it. A handmade seat, made with the best materials and designed to fit with the final design.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

Chrome plating

A premium process

In this project, a chrome plating process has been carried out on parts such as engine covers, shock absorbers or the rear light. It is a chemical process that leaves the parts of our motorcycles shining like a mirror. Chrome, nickel plating or brass plating a part takes hundreds of hours of manual labor and craftsmanship. This process differentiates us and positions us as a premium motorcycle brand.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli
triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

More details...

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

Protecting the underbody of the bike, we find our Yunque sump guards.

On the sides, the Muralla side covers dress up the bike with a new aesthetic contribution.

The sound of this engine has been improved with the addition of a new Zard exhaust system underneath.

On the engine covers we see the project badges stand out, with their corresponding name and number.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

If we focus on the rear of the bike, we can appreciate new chrome shock absorbers and our chaincovers.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

Both the rear view mirrors and turn signals (front and rear) have been changed to improve rider safety when riding.

Preserving the performance of the bike, Free Spirit filters have been installed to increase the air supply to the engine and lower the temperature.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit moli

On the front wheel, our Mr. Kevin fender has been fitted.


Made for you

The projects are tailor-made for each of our clients and then approved by engineers to comply with the basic standards that allow passing the Vehicle Inspections.

After finishing the transformation of the motorcycle, if the modification requires it, our engineers carry out the homologation of a technical project by which the motorcycle is allowed to travel freely with the modifications made.


Mazarrón, Murcia

Tamarit motorcycles have a 100% Spanish DNA and, despite its current international presence, most of them circulate in Spain. This large number of motorcycles shipped to all corners of the country, has made us true experts in terms of transport within our territory. We have a specialized company at national level that, in a matter of a few days, takes care of the transport of the motorcycle.

Alfredo, owner of 115 Moli, arrived from a city near our headquarters. In this case, our new project was heading to Mazarrón (Murcia). Will your city be the next destination?

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More than 140 motorcycles built

Tamarit Motorcycles has become the leading builder of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world, being a referent in its sector.

This expansion has given rise to what is known as the Tamarit family, a group of fortunate people who already enjoy the motorcycle of their dreams and have become part of what Tamarit Motorcycles represents.

The goal is to identify what style you want and how you plan to use the bike. We want you to have, not only a beautiful motorcycle but one that also covers your day-to-day needs.

Styles and engines we work with

What styles do you do on Tamarit Motorcycles?

Cafe Racer: These bikes usually have a one-person seat, clip-on, and a more aggressive posture.

Brat Style: Comfortable for two people and higher and wider handlebar for a more comfortable posture.

Scrambler: These are the motorcycles everyone knows as “the bikes to ride in the countryside.”

Dirt track: An American concept, these bikes are the ones that race on oval tracks.

Premium: Hybrid concepts, bikes we cannot put in only one category.

Which Triumph models do you work with?

We work with the Modern Classics range of Triumph engines.

Triumph Bonneville 900, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Bonneville T120, Triumph Thruxton 900, Triumph Thruxton 1200, Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, Triumph Thruxton 1200 RS, Triumph Scrambler 900, Triumph Scrambler 1200, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Scrambler, Triumph Speed Twin, Triumph Bobber y Triumph Bobber Black.

Do I need to have a motorcycle?

A) If you already have a motorcycle (Triumph Modern Classics), we pick it up at your doorstep and bring it back once the transformation is finished.

B) If you do not have a motorcycle, we buy one in the origin country and bring it to our facilities to transform, open the engine and replace all the components.

Price, shipping and deadlines

What is the price of a Tamarit project?

The price of Tamarit motorcycles is calculated based on the parts included in the project and the hours of work required for each motorcycle. You can check the prices by filling out the quote form on our website.

How are the motorcycles shipped?

Motorcycles are picked up and shipped to your doorstep. We have a worldwide transport company and we can pick up or send a motorcycle to any part of the world.

How long does it take to complete a project?

On average, Tamarit motorcycles take between 90 and 180 days to complete, during this time the future owner of the motorcycle receives a weekly/biweekly report on the construction status of the project.

Tamarit projects warranty

Once you receive your Tamarit motorcycle at your doorstep, you will be able to enjoy it with no worries for a year.

Tamarit motorcycles are delivered with a one-year warranty for the transformation, during which time our team provides personalized support for all motorcycles.