The engine of a new Bonneville motorcycle

There are currently many versions of the legendary Triumph Bonneville engine. If you already know the Modern Classics range of the British brand, you will know that there are several adaptations of this engine in different styles, such as the Scrambler, Thruxton or Bobber. All with their own personality and character, which ensures that you can get a bike to the taste of each rider. It was in 2015 when the British brand decided to launch again a new Bonneville concept bike completely renewed and current, designed for the XXI century.

The new Triumph Bonneville engines, the famous torque-laden engine that made it shine now has a lighter crankshaft. This modification improves engine response and reduces emissions to comply with current Euro5 regulations.

triumph bonneville t100
triumph bonneville t100

The most performance

The version of the new Bonneville T100 motorcycle is the one you will find today in the authorized dealers, slightly smaller in displacement than its big sister of the same range, but with a great technological advance in performance and performance in every way.

It can be considered the definitive Bonneville, the Triumph Bonneville T120 is the most powerful manufactured to date, with all the improvements of the new generation liquid-cooled, and at the same time all the identity and essence of a model that has made history. It owes its name to the Bonneville salt flats in Utah, where a Triumph Thunderbird set a speed record, that place had a "120" indicative that corroborated that could reach a speed of "one ton plus twenty", which is equal to about 193 km per hour.

Do you want a new Bonneville motorcycle?

Tamarit's work philosophy is reflected in the values of the British brand, in which we have specialized and carried out more than 100 projects based on Triumph Bonneville engines. Thanks to our experience, we have become the largest builder of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world. Specialization is the cornerstone of our way of working and the ultimate goal is to achieve the bike our clients dream of.

The Triumph Bonneville is, without a doubt, the most used model in our projects and the one we receive the most demand from people who come to us looking for a neoclassic motorcycle. The new Bonneville is the model that best represents this style current and has become a timeless icon that knows how to adapt to both classic esthetics and the technological needs of today.


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