Used Triumph Scrambler

Used Triumph Scrambler are motorcycles designed for those who love action and rough roads. Motorcycles with off-road features such as mixed wheels or overhead exhausts, which allow you to run on dirt terrain without damage. Pure Scrambler engine, ideal to fit with that neoclassical style and with a concept that seeks to improve speed, power and handling.

Used Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle

This engine shares its name with one of the most important neoclassical styles and it is no coincidence, as there is no engine that better represents the Scrambler style. It adapts perfectly to both streams of this style: classic and off-road.

It is the quintessential off-road bike, especially when it comes to the 1200cc models. At the same time, you can also get spectacular classic beauties with a used Triumph Scrambler motorcycle as a base. Maximum fun on all terrains.

triumph scrambler

Scrambler motorcycles

Various options

Used Scrambler motorcycles are motorcycles that Tamarit Motorcycles buys to transform them completely. We have 3 transaction variants that we respect: The first one, buying for the client one of the used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles available on the second hand market and selling him the transformed bike. The second is when the client already owns one of the used Scrambler motorcycles and gives it to us to be completely transformed by us. And the third and less common is when Tamarit Motorcycles has finished projects that it offers for sale.

Used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles

Durability and quality

It is true that when we talk about used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles, we also talk about used Triumph Bonneville or used Triumph Thruxton. All neoclassic models are great options for the second hand market because of their durability and quality. There are plenty of used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles for sale waiting to be restored and modified, and now they are within your reach thanks to Tamarit Motorcycles, who acts as a bridge between our clients who will get a unique and exclusive bike and a number of trusted individuals and dealers who have bikes compatible with our parts at an affordable price.

Used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles

Let your only concern be to enjoy

On several other occasions we have had clients who have left us the bike just after having bought it fresh from the dealer, but we always think that the best option, both for us and for the budget of our clients, is one of the used Triumph Scrambler motorcycles, much more grateful to restore and modify. In addition, our projects are delivered fully functional and with a previous engine tuning so that our clients only have to get on their new bike and enjoy.


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