Item description

Tamarit’s Apollo Exhausts for Triumph Thruxton measure 45 cm long, and diameters from 7 to 10 cm and they are compatible with the new generation Thruxton models, the 1200 and 1200 R. The kit includes the authorised exhausts and the necessary clamps for the proper installation.

How to install it?

The Apollo exhaust for Triumph Thruxton is very easy to set, you have only to remove your default exhaust and place the Apollo using the same anchor points as the former one without added difficulty.

Difficulty level: Easy

All of our exhausts for Triumph are sold ready to be installed because the same anchor points as the default parts are used. Installation time won’t be considerably high.
You will need the following tools:
– 12 and 8 mm wrench.
– 6 mm Allen key

Materials employed:

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted using the best materials available. The Apollo exhausts for Thruxton are made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Which Tamarit motorcycles include the Apolo exhausts

Babieca and Sombra

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