Triumph Bobber Chain Guard

If you’ve always wondered what a chain guard was or you’re simply trying to decide to whether or not to add one to your Triumph Bobber, then this article is for you. While the Triumph Bobber Chain Guard may often be added to a model to add a touch of added chic, these accessories actually have a practical use. For those of you aren’t too clear on the technical details, a chain guard is essentially a plastic or metal cover that encloses the drive chain. As far as materials are concerned, while metal is often the stylish choice, plastic is far less likely to damage the chain itself. And if that wasn’t enough it’s also cheap than the shiny alternative. While specifics can vary from one bike to another, these fixtures are most commonly attached to the swingarm and may also come with a number of rubber inserts, which are used to minimize vibration.

Why do I need a Triumph Bobber Chain Guard?

At first glance, a Triumph Bobber Chain Guard might seem a little surplus to requirements, but in fact, it may just be one of the most useful of all the accessories we at Tamarit Motorcycles offer for the legendary Triumph Bobber motorcycle. Want to know why? Well, for starters it will protect your legs from any nasty chain injuries. As we all know, motorcycles chains have a tendency to break now and again. Now, while they often fall to the fall, riders often report being whipped by a broken chain while riding. Even a plastic guard is likely to protect you, and your passenger in particular, from a nasty injury or two. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, it will most likely protect your bike from any damage as well. This can help drastically cut down on repair costs given the fact that broken chains have the potential to pierce the engine. Of course, aside from safety, the Triumph Bobber Chain Guard’s aesthetic functionality is also worth its weight in gold. Not only will it keep your designer jeans looking sharp and stain free, but it will also prevent your bike from getting sprayed with lubricant, which can be a real headache to clean off. Last but certainly not least, as the name indicates, the chain guard helps to protect the chain itself from debris or stones that may cause it to snap or deteriorate.

Which Triumph Bobber Chain Guard will you make your own?

As you can see, there’s far more to a chain guard than most people think. If you’re still not quite sure whether or not to add one to your ride, then why not contact a member of the Tamarit Motorcycles team? We’re happy to discuss your needs and customization options via email or over the phone and help you decide on the right Triumph Bobber Chain Guard or alternative accessory for your bike. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with adding one for truly aesthetic purposes either!