All about the Triumph Bonneville 900 fenders

If you are thinking of upgrading the stock fenders of this motorcycle, the Triumph Bonneville 900 fenders can be a great option. Handmade with fiberglass, they follow simple and minimalistic designs that perfectly complement the classic style of this model. The Bonnie is a very versatile motorcycle, so changing the fenders can be an excellent way to start customizing this motorcycle.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville 900 mudguard

The Triumph Bonneville 900 fenders are 30 cm or 60 cm, they can be left unpainted or you can order them in gloss black. They all have a plug and play design, making them very easy to install. On the description of each model, you will find a list of basic tools you will need to place them and further installation instructions. There you will also find the measurements, other compatible motorcycle models, and a form to contact our team.