All you need to know about the Triumph t100 side covers

Handmade by the best professionals, the Triumph Bonneville t100 side covers are the perfect part to personalize this motorcycle. This Bonneville is one of the most popular modern classics, inspired in a model from 1959, this motorcycle has a classic and elegant style and an incredible performance. Changing the side covers is a great way to give a personal touch to this iconic model.

Features of the Bonneville t100 side covers

There are several models of the Triumph t100 side covers of all shapes and sizes. They can be personalized with different colors, including the original ones used by Triumph. The side covers are made using metal, fiberglass, and aluminum. The installation process is very simple due to the plug and play design, which means that they have the same anchor points as the original and you can use the same screws to place them.

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