Triumph Bonneville T120 performance

The Triumph Bonneville t120 performance filter is made with very resistant materials and the latest technology to improve the performance of the engine of this particular model of the British brand.

Features of the Triumph t120 performance filter:

The Bonneville t120 performance filter has a conic shape to better catch the particles that can damage the engine and to lower the temperature. Inside this conic shape there is the polyester filter, a stronger material that the one used by the original motorcycles. This means that it would not be necessary to change it as often as the original ones. The Triumph t120 performance parts are made to improve the riding experience of the motorcycle. The installation of the filters is very easy because they are specifically made for the T120, so they are similar in style and once placed they will not be an uncomfortable addition to the motorcycle. You can browse the t120 we have customized to see how the power filters look or go to the description of the product to see the exact measurements, the full installation instructions, and more detailed information.


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