Item description:

The Ohlins shock absorbers rise the motorcycle height and improves greatly its performance.
• Spring preload 17 mm • Stroke 100 mm

• Shock length 350/370 + 10 mm (360/380 mm)

• Free length of the spring 230 mm

How to install them?

The Ohlins shock absorbers are very easy to set, you only have to remove the original shock absorber and place the new Ohlins shock absorber for Triumph. All our shock absorbers are delivered ready to be installed since they use the same anchor points as the default ones.

Difficulty level: Medium

You will need the following hardware :
-13 mm wrench
Ratchet tool is recommended.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Ohlins shock absorbers?

Ronin, Santa María, Superstary Pantera.

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