Rear Fender Eliminator Kit

At Tamarit Motorcycles, we know just how much you love your bike. That’s evident by the modifications our clients make to their rides on a regular basis in order to keep them looking as cool as possible. It’s fair to say that in recent months, we’ve seen one of our parts flying out the door. That’s right, our Triumph Bonneville Bobber fender eliminator kits have become super popular. And yet, there are still a lot of riders our there who are pretty confused by exactly what purpose these parts serve. In this article we hope to explain exactly what the purpose of these Triumph Bobber eliminator kits is and why they’re taking the biking world by storm.

Purpose of Triumph Bobber Fender Eliminator Kits

Simply put, Triumph Bobber rear fender eliminator kits are designed to give your bike an extra touch of cool. It can be compared to rally drives adding stripes to the sides of their car. And, let’s face it, it’s little surprise that riders want these parts removed as they’re far from the most attractive pieces of kit out there. Essentially, these eliminator kits enable you to do away with that unstylish piece of plastic covering your back wheel and enable you to mount your rear lights and licence plate directly under the tail piece. Of course, in true Triumph Bobber fashion, it’s often argues that this modification helps to shed some weight from the bike, although modern fenders are often made of fiberglass and weigh next to nothing. In truth, it’s a purely cosmetic modification-and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Are there any negatives to installing a Triumph Bobber tail tidy?

As with most things, there are certainly a few disadvantages to swapping your rear fender for a Triumph Bobber tail tidy, as these eliminator kits are also referred to. First of all, you’re likely to become pretty unpopular with whoever’s riding por driving behind you. This is because without the protection of the rear fender, vehicles behind you are at a greater risk of having stones and debris flying up at their windscreen. Legally speaking, license plates can also become an issue as it’s often reported that they are not as visible when attached to the tail tidy. It’s important to check on this before heading out onto the open road and landing yourself in a spot of trouble with the authorities. Unfortunately, you’re also likely to be impacted by the removal of the rear fender with at least some water and dirt likely to land on you. However, this is rarely an issues for those riders using their bikes for racing or recreational sport. The Tamarit team is always happy to offer advice to riders on whether or not removing the rear fender is something they should consider. The good news is we have a wide range of these parts available, including the Triumph Bonneville Bobber tail tidy and the Triumph Bobber Black tail tidy. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find the eliminator kit that perfectly suits your needs.