Triumph Bobber Fenders

Every wondered what the official name for that part of a motorcycle that frames your wheel wells is? Well, thankfully we’ve got the answers for you. They’re known (in the U.S. at least) as fenders. This handy contraptions are most often made from fairly ridged materials and can in fact be easily damaged if they come into contact with the road itself. In fact, the term ‘fender-bender’ in American slang is used to describe a minor road traffic accident for that very reason, as if anything is going to be damaged by minor bump, then the fenders are it.

What purpose do they serve?

Well, technically speaking Triumph Bobber fenders are designed to protect both passers-by and other road users as opposed to you, the rider. If you happen to get a small, loose object embedded in your tire grooves these could potentially be thrown into the air causing damage to other vehicles or people in the surrounding area. Fenders stop this from happening by covering the upper area of the tire and therefore preventing these small but potentially lethal objects being launched into the air.

Are there any benefits for Triumph Bobber riders?

Now, while we’re sure you’re concerned for the safety of others, we understand that having to invest in these kind of so-called accessories can be a strain on your savings. However, what if we told you that there were benefits for you too? Triumph Bobber fenders are also referred to mudguards, meaning that they protect the rider’s clothing from any mud or other dirt that may be thrown up by the wheels. That means you head out for a ride in your most expensive outfit with peace of mind.

What are my options?

As many Triumph Bobber riders will be aware, tradition dictates that the rear fender should be significantly shorter than the front one. But there’s no need to stick to these rules if you don’t want to. There are plenty of options available for Triumph Bobber riders who want to take the road less travelled and give their ride a unique look. You have rear fender which sit far closer to the tire and can be attached to the rear swingarm in order to give your bike a sporty look. What’s more are fenders often come in range of finishes and are compatible with a number of models so you can choose the one that best suits the design you have in mind. We appreciate that not all of our customers will appreciate the relative benefits and drawbacks of each of the fenders we have available. For this reason, we recommend sitting down with a member of the Tamarit Motorcycles team to discuss your needs and the kind of look you want to go for before making your purchase final. On this plus side, all our fenders can be easily installed by the clients themselves as they have the same anchor points as the default parts, so no extra labor costs are involved.