All about the Triumph Bonneville mirrors

The Triumph Bonneville mirrors combine the best materials with a simple design to create an excellent part for the motorcycle. The parts and accessories that we have here at Tamarit are always of the best quality. The Bonneville is a model that embodies tradition, is the best of the classics, with incredible specs and an impeccable style. The best parts compliment these characteristics or bring out a new side of them. Feel free to browse the website to see how the Triumph Bonneville mirrors look on the finished customized motorcycle we have done so far.

Features of the Bonneville mirrors

When replacing parts and accessories of the motorcycle there are several aspects to take into account, especially if the part we are looking to upgrade is as important to safety as the mirrors. The Triumph Bonneville mirrors are fabricated using anodized aluminum, a material that guarantees a long life for them. The design goes with the classic round mirror or a more daring polygonal one, and it can be personalized in black or silver to go hand in hand with the style of any motorcycle. There are a few options for this motorcycle model, including mirrors with turning signals for a multipurpose purchase or the grip rear view mirror for a wider point of view. The mirrors can be installed on any Bonneville and the process is very simple, with only a few basic tools and in a few minutes the mirror will be placed. It is fair to mention that the mirrors that include the turning signals are bit more complicated to install. The complete specs of each of the mirrors can be found on each of their descriptions. On the same page, there is a form where you can contact our team to ask about a specific mirror.


Our team works hard every day, so each order arrives to its destination as fast as possible and in perfect conditions! The time delivery time is different for every part and accessory, when the product needs to be personalized the delivery time is 15 days. On the other hand, when there is no need to change the product the shipment takes 72 hours. Every order is carefully packaged to reach its destination in perfect conditions. If you have any questions about the shipping process or the Bonneville mirrors, go to the FAQ, or contact our team.