About the Triumph Bonneville t120 bar end mirrors

The Triumph Bonneville t120 bar end mirrors are made of the best materials and have a simple design, which creates an excellent part for the motorcycle. We create the best parts and look for the best accessories for this motorcycle model. The Bonneville is a classic that has inspires countless models, it has incredible specs and an impeccable style. The best parts compliment these characteristics or bring out a new side of this classic model. Feel free to browse the website to see how the Triumph Bonneville t120 bar end mirrors look on the finished customized motorcycle we have done so far.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville t120 handlebar mirrors

The Triumph Bonneville t120 handlebar mirrors are made with the best materials and are painted in an elegant black, they are round and a comfortable size. The mirrors are universal, which means they are compatible with all motorcycle models, provided the handlebar is 22 or 25 wide. The mirrors have clamps which make the installation process very simple, with only a screwdriver and in a few minutes the mirrors will be placed, and the motorcycle ready to go. Make sure the mirrors are the best fir for your motorcycle, they are a key element on keeping the road safe for you. On the description of the product there is more information of the specs and the installation process.


We want to share our parts and accessories with every motorcycle lover. We ship all our products internationally. The delivery process takes from 72 hours up to a maximum of 15 days, in the last case the time period is longer when a part or accessory need a personalization process like painting. Whether we ship locally or across the ocean, the order is packaged safely to arrive to its destination without a scratch. Contact our team if you have any questions about the Triumph Bonneville t120 bar end mirrors or about the shipping process.