Item Description

The Ruby cover set is valid for all the air cooled models such as: Thruxton 900, Thruxton EFI, Bonneville 900, Bonneville EFI, Bonneville SE, Bonneville Spirit, Scrambler 900 and Scrambler EFI.
You can purchase this part unpainted or already painted in glossy black ( Jet Black ).

This set consist of: Two side covers made of fiberglass (unpainted or not), two K&N power filter and one engine flumes filter and a metallic case meant for replacing the stock plastic box that keeps inside the battery, fuse and filters.

How to install the Ruby cover set?

Once the installation has been finished, features such as the power and performance of the engine will improve greatly. It will be necessary as well to reconfigure the air/fuel mix balance by a professional tester, therefore the riding at high speeds would be optimal.

Instalation Level : High

Because of the complexity and the variety of items that conform the kit, we encourage to task this installation to a professional or to somebody with deep knowledge in mechanics.

Materials involved:

All the Tamarit Parts are handmade using the best materials available. The Ruby cover set is made of fiberglass and metal.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles include the Ruby cover set?

Ruby, Appalachia, Blimburn y Stalker.

Any doubts about the Ruby side covers?

Contact us without any obligation and we will answer in 24 hrs.