Item description for MASS Mohave exhausts:

The MASS Mohave exhausts are valid for the old generation Scrambler range : Scrambler Carb and Scrambler EFI, and also with the new generation one, the Street Scrambler. It is very important to first select the bike you own. This exhaust system includes a unique muffler system and is fully homologated in order to install and use it

How to install the MASS Mohave exhausts?

In order to install the MASS Mohave exhausts you just have to remove the stock exhausts and place the new MASS Mohave exhausts by using the same anchor points as the original exhausts.

Difficulty level: Easy

The installation of this exhausts is easy. However, we recommend to leave the bike on a professional workshop just in case the client doesn’t have enough knowledge of motorcycle mechanics in order to carry out such task.

The tools needed for this installation are:
12mm wrench tool
8mm allen key

Materials employed on the MASS Mohave exhausts:

MASS are a top brand regarding exhausts, materials involved on these exhausts are top quality and performance guaranteed. The MASS Mohave exhausts are made of first class stainless steel.


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