About the Triumph motorcycle mirrors

Find the best Triumph motorcycle mirrors that fit your style. The British brand has some of the most well-known motorcycles, with a long story, incredible specs, and impeccable designs. We search the highest quality accessories to go hand in hand with your motorcycle, following the all-time classical style of the Triumph or creating a completely new style. Browse our website to see all of our finished customization projects to see how the mirrors look on every model and style and get some inspiration to upgrade your mirrors.

Features of our Triumph mirrors

When searching new mirrors, the style is not the only aspect to focus on, the materials and the stability are also important elements the mirrors must have to offer a safe ride. The Triumph mirrors are made of anodized black aluminum, in silver or black and in the classical round shape. They are available with or without turning signals incorporated. There is also the option of grip mirrors for those who prefer a wider point of view or a different style.

Triumph side mirrors

The Triumph side mirrors are universal, which means that they will fit any model. The installation is very easy, it only requires some basic tools and a few minutes to be ready to go. If you want more information about these mirrors, there are more details on the description of each product, as well as the full installation process and all the information.


In Tamarit the delivery times vary depending on the motorcycle part and the level of customization the client wants. A part or an accessory is shipped in 72 hours to any part of the world. When there is a personalization process involved, like painting a part, the delivery takes up to 15 days. In either case the packaging is completely secured to protect your order for the whole trip. If you have more questions about the Triumph motorcycle mirrors or the shipping process, go to the contact section and ask our team for information.