Triumph Scrambler 1200 fender eliminator

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 fender eliminator is made with high-quality and resistant materials, following a simple design that goes hand in hand with the style of this model of the modern classic series of the British brand. To see how this part looks, you can browse our customization projects and see the different styles on every motorcycle.

Features of the fender eliminator

The Scrambler 1200 fender eliminator replaces the usually long stock rear fender creating a more minimalistic look, commonly seen on most sports motorcycles. Made with 3mm iron, this resistant part functions as a hold for the plate and the turn signals. It also has a rectangular reflector at the base to improve visibility. This part is very easy to install because it follows the design of the T1200 and has a pre-installed rear light. With some basic tools it is possible to place this eliminator kit at home and in a few minutes. Go to the more detailed description of each model to see the exact measures, the available colors, all the motorcycles that are compatible with the part, and the full installation instructions.


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