All about the Scrambler headlight

The Scrambler headlight is made using the best technology and high-quality materials, with a simple and functional design to improve the riding experience when you most need it on the road. There are several designs that go well with the off-road style so characteristic of the Scrambler, and also help improve visibility on the road no matter the conditions. On our web you will find a section with all the customization projects we have done using the Scrambler and these headlights.

Features of the Scrambler motorcycle headlight 

Some headlight designs are slightly smaller than the original stock ones, ideal for a setting with an upgraded speedometer or similar. The powerful beam light of the Triumph Scrambler headlight is covered by a highly resistant cover, to protect it against any impact on the road.  We always design our products to make as easy to install as possible, if you want to make a Triumph Scrambler headlight upgrade you have to consider that you will have to move the electric regulator, and this could complicate the placement of the headlights. We highly recommend that someone with mechanics and electronics knowledge handle the installation process of this product to guarantee everything will work correctly.


We work with the best professionals to design and create parts to customize the modern classics. We are also always searching for brands that also innovate to create accessories that enhance the performance of the motorcycle. Even if we have products of the highest quality, we also offer a two-year warranty on all the products on our web. In the case of the products made using metal, they have a life-long warranty. If you have any question about the Scrambler headlight, the shipping, or the warranty, go to the FAQ or to the contact section on the web and ask our team.


We ship all of our parts and accessories internationally. The delivery time for orders that have to be personalized is 15 days, but if the order does not need to undergo any modification, the delivery time is 72 hours. The team takes all the security measures to package the order, so it arrives in perfect conditions. If you have any question about the shipping process or the return policy go to the contact section of the website, there you will find several ways to contact our team.