Item description:

The eliminator mini kit replaces the long rear fender in order to change the long plastic piece that holds the plate. It also includes a reflector and the rear LED light with the brake and tail function. The electric pre-installation makes this part ready to plug it in motorcycle right away. This kit is compatible with the Bonneville new Speed Twin It measures 47x20x15 cm.

*Not valid for Speed Twin model 2020-2021 onwards.

How to install it?

For a proper installation, is necessary first to remove the original rear fender and then install the eliminator kit using the very same screws and anchor points as the default part.

Difficulty level: Easy

The eliminator kit for Speed Twin is very easy to set, since it uses the same screws and holes as the default part so the installation time won’t be more than a few minutes.
You will need the following hardware: 4mm Allen key, 4mm wrench, 5 mm Torx key.

Materials employed

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted using the best materials available. The eliminator kit is made of 3mm thick iron.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes this part?


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