All you need to know about the Speed Twin exhaust

The Speed Twin exhaust is handmade with very resistant materials and it is specifically designed to adjust to one of the newest and most versatile models of the British brand. This motorcycle is known for its great performance and technology, upgrading parts as the exhaust can completely change the style of this motorcycle.You can browse our customizations based on the Speed Twin to see how the different models of the Speed Twin exhaust look.

Features of the Triumph Speed Twin custom exhaust

The models of Triumph Speed Twin aftermarket exhaust available on the web are made with stainless steel and following simple and elegant designs. The measurements vary depending on the model, but they are 45 cm long approximately.The installation of the Triumph Speed Twin exhaust pipes is very simple, it’s only a matter of removing the old exhaust and replacing it with the new one that has the same anchor points as the original, making the placement an easy task. If you have any questions about the compatibility or the placement of this product, you can go to the description page for the full instructions or fill out the form to directly ask our team.

The Triumph Speed Twin exhausts sound

You can listen to the sound of the Triumph Speed Twin exhausts in the product sheet of each of the parts.The sound is one of the main doubts before buying an exhaust, so we have enabled an audio clip of each of the exhausts available on the web.Compare and choose the one that best suits the style you are looking for in the final result of your bike.


We ship our parts and accessories internationally, so you will be able to receive the Triumph exhaust Speed Twin wherever you are. Once the order is placed, the delivery takes 72 hours if it’s not necessary to modify the product. All the motorcycle parts are carefully packaged to avoid any damaged during the shipping process.If you have any questions about our products or the customization projects, go to the contact section on our web. To know more about the shipping and the warranty, go to the FAQ.

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