Triumph Speed Twin performance

All about the Triumph Speed Twin performance filters:

The Speed Twin performance filters are made with very durable materials and the latest technology to improve the airflow of the engine of this particular modern classic. The Speed Twin is one of the newest models of this series of the British brand, with a great style and versatility, this motorcycle is already one of the favorite models. Go to our customization projects to see the different styles and the ones that have these filters.

Features of Speed Twin performance:

The Speed Twin performance filters have a conic shape and inside there is the polyester filter that catches the particles that can damage the engine and helps to lower the temperature. Inside the power filters there is a polyester membrane, a stronger material that the one used by the original ones. This means that it is not necessary to change it as often, expanding the life of this product. The Triumph Speed Twin aftermarket parts are created to improve the performance and the riding experience of the motorcycle. They are made with the design of the motorcycle on mind, so they are very easy to install, and once they are placed, they do not interfere with the riding. To see the full installation instructions, go to the description page of the filters. There you will also find the measurements and a list of all the compatible motorcycle models.


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How to get more information

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