Triumph Thruxton R performance

The Triumph Thruxton R performance filters are made with very resistant materials and they have an innovative design that improves the function and riding experience of this particular model of the modern classics.

Features of the Thruxton R performance filters:

This product has a conic shape and is connected to the motorcycle by a 180-degree elbow, this shape improves the airflow that enters the engine lowering the temperature. Inside there is a polyester filter that catches all harmful particles before they enter the motor. This material is more resistant than the one used on the stock parts, so they do not need to be replaced as often. The design of the Triumph Thruxton R performance filters are made considering the distribution of the elements on this particular motorcycle, which makes the installation process a very simple one. To see the full installation instructions as well as the tools needed, go to the description page of the power filters. There you will also find more information about this product.


Our team ships Thruxton R aftermarket parts every day, so modern classics enthusiasts do not have to wait too long for their new parts to arrive. We ship all the products available on the web nationally and internationally in 72 hours. If the motorcycle part can be personalized and the client orders a modification of the product, the shipping takes a maximum of 15 days, considering the time needed for the process. We pack every product carefully, so there is no problem during the delivery, and they arrive in perfect conditions. If you want to know more about the shipping or the return policy, go to the FAQ. If you want more information about the Triumph Thruxton R performance parts or about an order you have made, go to the contact section on the web.

How to get more information

On each product description you will find a form to directly contact our team and ask for more information about that product. Similarly, there are also forms on the customization projects to know more about how they are made. But if you want to know more about the Triumph Thruxton R performance upgrades and have not found the information on the web, you can go to the contact section and speak with our team through Support center, our social media, or the WhatsApp number.