Zard Exhaust Kit Special edition: Item description

Imported all the way form Italy, Zard Exhaust 2in1 TIGER 70 is an exhaust set ready to be installed on a new generation Triumph Street Scrambler bike.

Zard Exhaust can be made for homologation. Just in case you need this feature, make sure you select the right option available ( please note that the price would slightly rise ) . Despite this exhausts are designed for new generation Street Scrambler, they could be installed on other Triumph Modern Classics as well, always after a proper adaptation of the frame.

Instalation: Medium

This exhaust kit should be installed at a professional workshop. If the client wants to install them by himself, he needs the knowledge and the proper equipment to properly carry out this task.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles has installed the Zard Tiger 70?


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