Item description:

The front turning signals for Triumph measure 3×4 cm and they are compatible with the motorcycles Triumph Thruxton 900, Thruxton EFI, Bonneville 900, Bonneville EFI, Bonneville SE, Bonneville Spirit, Scrambler 900 and Scrambler EFI. The turning signal pack includes the approved front turning signals, the brackets, special screws and ferrules.

How to install them?

The turning signals are very easy to set, first you have to take out the screws of the low part of the crown that holds the fork legs. After that, put in the ferrule, the bracket and finally the Tamarit special screw.

Difficulty level: Easy

The time required for the installation of the turning signals won’t be more than a few minutes because this approved item uses the same anchor points as the default turning signals.
You will need the following hardware: 8mm Allen key

Materials employed:

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted with the best materials available. The turning signal brackets are made of 3mm thick iron.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the front turning signals?

Super Lopez, Moto Veloz, Pegaso, EmeBlack, Alfa, Neptuno, Neptuno 2, Mr. Kevin, No Limits, The Son, Ronin, Santa Maria.

¿Any question about the front turning signals?

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