I am eternal

1. From this engine, we build our motorcycles

We are specialized in Triumph Modern Classics engines. We work on the engines to renew them completely. A high precision work, almost as if it were a mathematical problem.

What you all call art

2. We design unique bikes

We give motorcycles a soul of their own, with exclusive designs and the development of new, never seen before parts. We have made more than 100 models of unique bikes, we never repeat. That is our commitment to exclusivity.

Speed between your legs

3. At the controls of a Tamarit

We move in a world in which not only the aesthetic part is important, but also everything that makes us feel alive. When you drive, we want you to feel everything you've always dreamed of, proud to drive a Tamarit.

More than 100 friends already know what it's like to be part of this.

It's not what you see... It's what you feel

What you have just seen is far from our beginnings in 2015, when we started working in a small clandestine workshop in Elche. What began as a small illusion for two of the partners, Quique and Matías, began to take a successful path to which new faces and many motorcycles that are already part of the history of Tamarit Motorcycles would be incorporated.