New Cafe Racer

Born on the streets of Great Britain in the 50s, the Cafe Racer culture still thrives all over the world. New Cafe Racer motorcycles have made a comeback in recent years and the most daring users are looking for bikes with a retro sporty style inspired by the models of yesteryear.

It has now become a subculture that encompasses a desire for speed, a love of Rock and Roll and ultimately an enduring love for a motorcycle that is reviving around the world.

cafe racer tamarit

New Cafe Racer

The most influential

It is perhaps the most influential motorcycle movement ever seen to this day. One of the reasons it has been echoing for so many decades in a row is because in addition to its neoclassical styling, new Cafe Racer also offers bikes with spartan looks and aggressive styling. Becoming the most distinctive and revered motorcycles in the world, their impact on the motorcycle industry includes legendary high-performance motorcycles such as Tamarit's Triumph Thruxton.

New Cafe Racer

Young spirit

The human side of this type of motorcycles is perfectly adapted to the young and speedy spirit, with the goal in the 50's to reach 100 mph. The new Cafe Racer motorcycles follow this idea, looking for a public with a young spirit that wants to get started in the world of custom bikes, but with a base made by Tamarit.

New Cafe Racer

The newest Cafe Racer from Tamarit

New Cafe Racer creations from Tamarit are our beautiful Jade, the sporty Ikigai, the iconic Gullwing, the explosive Soberbia and the elegant Claus, among many others. They say that the old always comes back and Jade and Claus make special reference to this saying with their relocation and simplification of the wiring. All this with the aim of simplifying the appearance of the bike as much as possible and resembling the minimalist style of the 50's, thus getting rid of everything that was not necessary.


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