Black Cafe Racer

The Black Cafe Racer expresses power, elegance and prestige. They evoke a bold and sporty lifestyle that makes them the biker's favorite color par excellence. The spirit of performance in all its versions, from matte to the most vibrant finishes.

Cafe Racer black

How we work

The process to get a Black Cafe Racer Tamarit Motorcycle begins by filling out a simple form that will set the guidelines for a first contact with the team and in which we hope to know the idea of conversion that you propose.

Afterwards, we send you a personalized budget, the first sketches that will shape the conversion of the motorcycle and the contract to formalize the process. These steps are essential to begin to give shape to what will later be reflected in the final result.

If you do not have a motorcycle, the conversion is done with a motorcycle specifically purchased by the Tamarit team, to fit perfectly with the project. If, on the other hand, you already have one, Tamarit picks it up at your home and brings it back once the Cafe Racer conversion is finished. In both cases the conversion takes between 90 and 180 days until the motorcycle is delivered.