Black Cafe Racer

Black Cafe Racers express power, elegance and prestige. They evoke a bold and sporty lifestyle that makes them the biker's favourite colour par excellence. The spirit of performance in all its versions, from matt to the most vibrant finishes.

Gullwing, a classic Black Cafe Racer

The neoclassical Cafe Racer style takes centre stage on the Gullwing motorcycle and it is no coincidence that its colour is also one of the classics. This motorcycle pays homage to one of the most emblematic cars in the history of motoring, the Mercedes Gullwing. One of its most allegorical and legendary colours was black and, although this motorcycle has 9 different colour versions, black is one of the favourites for our Gullwing because it keeps elegance and aggressiveness in tune. Riding a Gullwing ensures a bold and courageous riding experience that draws the eye of everyone who comes across it, as it is considered a unique piece of motorcycle that is characterised by its power, class and presence.

Cafe Racer black: how we work

The process to get a Black Cafe Racer Tamarit Motorcycle starts by filling out a simple form that will set the guidelines for a first contact with the team and in which we hope to get to know the idea of transformation you are looking for in your Cafe Racer.

We will then send you a personalised quote, the first sketches that will give shape to the transformation of the motorcycle and the contract to formalise the process. These steps are essential to start shaping what will later be the final result.

If you do not have a motorcycle, the conversion is done with a motorcycle specifically purchased by the Tamarit team, to fit perfectly with the project. If, on the other hand, you already have one, Tamarit picks it up at your home and brings it back once the Cafe Racer conversion is finished. In both cases the conversion takes between 90 and 180 days until the motorcycle is delivered.