#59 Hippocampus

The 59 motorcycle unites the two passions of its owner, Tamarit motorcycles and Surf.

Under the Mediterranean sun

On this occasion arrived at our office, Jay, from the state of Colorado.

In his early forties, the new member of the Tamarit family has taken a break from work and is coming to our country to enjoy a good life under the Spanish sun. At the beginning of last year he contacted us to tell us his story and confess one of his wishes.

Jay wanted a Tamarit motorcycle to be waiting for him in Malaga, his destination city, when he arrived in Spain.

A Scrambler linked to surfing

The 59 bike has a surfboard rack, a must in Jay’s transformation.

Jay was very clear about the concept he wanted in his bike, a totally radical Scrambler that included a rack for his surfboard, with which he was looking forward to catching waves on the coast of Malaga. This project would be named as Hippocampus, something that undoubtedly fits like a glove.

Superior riding

In order to improve the performance of this carbureted Scrambler, different components have been modified to achieve the best riding experience.

Simplification of the electronics

The battery, filters and fuses have been completely emptied, which has totally simplified the bike’s electrical system.

Floating rider’s seat

Other modifications to highlight, is a seat split in two with a floating rider seat.

An off db killer exhaust

The exhaust is inserted through the gap left by the electronics removal and exits from under the seat.

Increased height and length

The rear height has been increased to 39 cm and the front end has been lengthened 3 cm more by extending its cylinders.

I want a bike like this.
I want a bike like this.

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