Triumph Bonneville chain guard

The Triumph Bonneville chain guard is a small product that can add a lot of style to the motorcycle. Handcrafted by the best professionals and with high quality materials, this product is a great upgrade for this classic model of the British brand. The Bonneville is one of the most popular motorcycles, with a long history, it has achieved a great versatility and can follow a wide range of styles.

Features of the Bonneville chain guard

The Triumph Bonneville chain guard is made with stainless steel, this material is very resistant and is also very easy to maintain, it does not require a lot of attention because it does not show any scratches that gets while protecting the chain on the road. The design is very elegant and low profile, with symmetrical rectangles that show the chains while protecting them. This product is not painted, instead leaving the stainless steel for a rawer look.

Plug and Play

As we are experts of the modern classics, we focus our attention to some specific models of the British brand. Because of this, all the parts and accessories we create are easily placed without an instruction manual. This is because we made them with the same anchors as the original parts made by Triumph. This is what we call Plug and Play, to be able to install the product by simply removing the old one and placing the new one, without mechanics or experts. Even if the installation is simple, every item on the web has a description with the steps to follow for a correct installation as well as the materials needed for the process. You can also contact our team to ask more specific questions.


The delivery time of our products are different depending on what we are shipping, in the case of the cover chains the shipping time is 72 hours to any part of the world. The package is secured to arrive to its destination without a scratch. and return policy

In Tamarit we work hard to create and offer motorcycle accessories and parts of the highest quality. In addition to this, all of our accessories and parts have a warranty of two years. Sometimes something goes wrong or the product is not the best fit for the client, in this case there is a 30-day return policy. If you want to know more about this policy, contact our team and we will answer all your questions.

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