How to install the Tamarit parts for Bonneville T100

A regular concern from the ones buying Triumph Bonneville T100 accessories for their bikes is that going through the workshop to install them may not be a harmless step. Watching your beloved bike turned inside out to get a functional or aesthetic change can be jarring. At Tamarit, where we have a strong love for bikes but not so much for mechanics, we were conscious of that feeling. So we came up with a revolution that would bring endless customization possibilities to every two-wheeled lover home. Nowadays, Tamarit holds in its catalog more than a hundred plug-and-play parts for Triumph. This means that every accessory we manufacture has the very same anchor points as the ones from any bike right out of the factory, so they can be easily installed without any major mechanical knowledge and only a basic set of tools.

Custom Bonneville T100 accessories

The triangle is the geometrical shape that represents the trinity, which in our case is an equilateral one. If we had to choose one principle that guides Tamarit decisions, is to achieve with our works the perfect symbiosis between functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics. Of course, as manufacturers of bikes and custom parts, one of our permanent obsessions is to be with the latest fashion trends, so our clients can show our creations with a sense of pride. It is no less true that working with engines as high quality as Triumphs, the accessories and parts should be on par and work with mechanical accuracy that they demand. This is the reason why in Tamarit we work with top of the line engineers that participate in the accessory creation process from the very beginning. Every Tamarit product made of metal has a lifetime warranty, while every other product has a two years span for cost price reparation.