Triumph Scrambler exhaust

The Triumph Scrambler exhaust is made with the best materials and daring designs that go hand in hand with the style of this motorcycle. The Scrambler is an accessible and versatile motorcycle that shares the elegance and incredible specs so characteristics of the British brand, but it also has a clear off-road look.

Find all the exhausts compatible with this modern classic and see the complete look browsing our finished customization projects.

Features of the Triumph Scrambler custom exhaust

All the exhausts available on our web are made with stainless steel, high-quality material with a long life. This material is also easier to maintain because it does not show any scratch or dent it may get along the way.

The exhausts are made by the best professionals, respecting the importance of this part, and creating different designs for every style. The different designs prioritize the function of this part without losing the imposing off-road character of the scrambler.

Triumph Scrambler exhaust that avoids burns

The Scrambler exhausts are characterized by the fact that they are installed upwards, which leaves the rider's leg very close to the exhaust area. This often leads to discomfort or burns while riding the bike. Seeing the need to solve this, the Tamarit team has developed a Triumph Scrambler exhaust that prevents the heat from being filtered towards the rider.

Within our selection of Scrambler exhausts are available the Dakar exhaust, designed with a shield that does not conduct heat, allowing a more comfortable ride. In addition, this part also allows you to customize the shield with the color and numbers of your choice.

Installation of the Triumph Scrambler aftermarket exhaust

The exhaust Triumph Scrambler is very easy to install because there is no need to modify the motorcycle. Despite being a very simple installation process, we recommend you go to a professional to change this part to get a safe ride.

We also recommend restarting the ECU when you change the exhaust.

The Triumph Scrambler exhaust sound

One of the main doubts when buying a Triumph Scrambler exhaust is the sound of it, something that, if we move it to online shopping, is essential.

On the page of each part, you have available an audio clip so you can compare the sound of each one and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Triumph Scrambler exhaust pipes | scrambler exhaust pipes

Most of the scrambler exhaust in the market are not EU-approved. Check out the description of each item to see the ones that are approved to use in the EU.

In the description, you will also find the exact measures of the exhaust, more detailed installation instructions and a form to ask any questions you may have about the exhaust to our team.


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