All you need to know about the Triumph Scrambler fender eliminator 

The Triumph Scrambler fender eliminator has a minimalistic and elegant design that goes hand in hand with the off-road style of the Scrambler. Handcrafted by the best professionals, this tail tidy is made with a resistant material and created to personalize the style of one of the most popular motorcycles of the modern classics series.

Features of the Triumph Scrambler tail tidy

The Triumph Scrambler fender eliminator allows you to remove the rear fender and get a more minimalistic look, typical of sports motorcycles. This eliminator also works as a hold for the plate number and the turning signals.

The tail tidy is compatible with all the Scrambler models and is designed following our plug and play technology, which makes the installation process much simpler. It is a matter of removing the old stock rear fender and replacing it with the new eliminator. On the description page of each fender eliminator you will find the exact measures, the necessary tools for the installation and more information.


One of the only downsides of online shopping is waiting for you order to arrive. Our team works hard every day to prepare your order as fast as possible so you can install your new fender eliminator kit in no time.

The shipping time is different depending on what we are sending, normal orders take 72 hours to be shipped anywhere in the world. A part that has to be personalized, like painting for example, can take up to 15 days to arrive to its destination once the order is placed. 

Plug and Play

Plug and play parts and accessories means that they are installed very easily without an instruction manual. This is because they are made specifically for the modern classics of Triumph and the design has the same anchor points as the originals.

The whole process is as simple as removing the old rear fender and replacing it for the new eliminator kit. At home, with some basic tools and in a few minutes, the new part is placed, and the motorcycle is ready to hit the road. 

If you have any question about the shipping process, the return policy, the installation process, or about the compatibility with your motorcycle, go to the contact section on the web to select the best way to contact our team.