All about the Triumph Street Scrambler fender

Made with a very durable material, the Triumph Street Scrambler fender is an excellent choice for an upgrade. With a definitely off-road style, changing the fenders can completely modify the style of this modern classic. You can browse our finished customized Scramblers to get some inspiration.

Features of the Triumph Street Scrambler mudguard

All the models of the Triumph Street Scrambler fender are handmade using fiberglass, a very resistant material. There are several colors available to paint the fenders, you can also choose to get them unpainted to personalize them later on. Installing the Triumph Street Scrambler mudguard is very easy thanks to their plug and play design. The new part has the same anchor points as the original, so you only have to remove the old one and place the new one. 


We ship our parts and accessories internationally in 72 hours. Take into account that if the part has to be painted, the shipping time goes up to 15 days, considering the painting and drying time the part needs. Our team packs every order carefully so they will not be damaged during the delivery.

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